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Henna Brows

Why Are Henna Brows So Popular?

When it comes time to revitalize your look, you might want to consider signing up for henna brows services from A Beauty Minimalist in Vancouver, BC. If you haven't heard of henna brows or merely don't know what to expect from the service, we have got your back.

When we discuss henna brows, we are talking about a special type of eyebrow tinting that is geared toward staining the skin beneath your brow hairs. The goal of having henna brows is to create depth and fullness around your eyes, thus filling in those areas that look too sparse for our tastes. Henna brows can be put in place with a natural dye that comes from the hina plant, thus making it a safe service that can improve your appearance!

When you go to A Beauty Minimalist for your henna brow treatment, you know you are in for a treat. Call today or head to our website to schedule your appointment!

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