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Permanent Lips in Vancouver

A Beauty Minimalist Offers Permanent Lips in Vancouver

When you call on the team at A Beauty Minimalist, you will find yourself talking to a permanent makeup professional in Vancouver who can bring your beauty dreams to life. Permanent cosmetics have dramatically risen in popularity over the past ten years. This new type of service, similar to tattooing, offers services such as permanent lips to those who desire them. As a permanent makeup professional in Vancouver, you will get to enjoy the long-lasting delight that perfectly crafted permanent makeup can offer at A Beauty Minimalist.


Let's start our conversation by explaining the benefits of permanent lips. Permanent lip blush, or lip liner, can be put in place by a permanent makeup professional. This process is ideal for people who are constantly burning through their lipstick. With age and use, the color of your lips will fade. Instead of fighting time and dealing with rabid lipstick use, a permanent lip service can solve your problem! When you come to A Beauty Minimalist for your permanent lips in Vancouver, we will discuss your desires with your permanent makeup technician, you will be guided to the service which will require only 7 to 12 days of healing. Once the permanent lip blush is put in place, you'll get to enjoy the long-lasting and revitalized look anytime that you pass a mirror!


While permanent makeup sounds like a scary proposition, our team at A Beauty Minimalist works harder than anyone to make sure that you are comfortable and happy with the outcome of your appointment. In fact, our salon is led by Cannie, a certified permanent makeup professional in Vancouver who specializes in lip blush, liners, and brows. Cannie completed her Esthetics & Spa Therapy Program in 2014 at Blanche Macdonald while attending Langara for her Holistic Aromatherapy program. Cannie says, "My work reflects on my beautiful clients and I never allow them to leave until we are both happy with the results."

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