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***We are currently not accepting new lash clients.***

Classic Eyelash Extension

Classic Starter $55

- This classic starter is perfect for anyone who is new to extension and want to stay on the safe side before going for a more dramatic lash transformation

Classic Partial $75

- An extension is placed on every second to third upper eyelash. Choose this if you already have relatively thick lashes or don't particularly want a full look.

Classic Full Set $99

- An extension is placed on every upper eyelash. 

Classic Fill (done every 3 weeks) $35-45

50 lashes on both e.jpg

Hybrid Eyelash Extension

Hybrid Full Set $125

-Want your lash a tad fuller than classic but not as much as Volume? Hybrid is a mixture of both Classic Single lash extension and Volume fans! 

Hybrid Fill (done every 3 weeks)  $59-79

Volume Eyelash Extension

Russian Volume Full Set $145

(3D-6D fan lashes on each lash)

-3D-6D Fan Lashes on Each Lashes to Create Fuller and Fluffier Look

Russian Partial Set $129

-70% coverage of 3D-6D Fan Lashes

Russian Volume Fill (done every 3 weeks)  $69-89

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