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Semi Permanent Eyebrows Near Me

Come to A Beauty Minimalist for Semi Permanent Eyebrows Near Me in Vancouver

When you read about permanent brows or semi permanent brows, what immediately comes to mind? If you are like most people, you are probably just now hearing about permanent cosmetics. Permanent cosmetics have become an integral part of the beauty world as they offer dynamic and long-lasting solutions to customers of all sorts of needs. Here at A Beauty Minimalist, we are specifically focused on providing eyebrow microblading in Vancouver that will allow you to feel better than ever about your look. If you are interested in pursuing the benefits of permanent cosmetics or searching semi permanent eyebrows near me, you've come to the right place!


Let's start our conversation by introducing you to the wonderful world of permanent brows. We all know how important our eyebrows are. After all, we wouldn't spend so much time taking care of them if it didn't matter. Our eyebrows are the most important feature on our face as they direct people toward our eyes, the windows to our personality. When you come to A Beauty Minimalist for semi permanent brows in Vancouver, you are able to enhance your most important focal point in a long lasting way.


By this point in time, you are probably on board with permanent eyebrows but you might still be skeptical. Will permanent brows really last through your day-to-day obligations? Can you wear permanent brows to the gym or out swimming with the family? The answer to that question is a simple, "Yes." Permanent eyebrows are truly a hearty way to treat your appearance without worrying about the look vanishing overnight. Whether you go for ombre brows or a microblading service, all you have to do is give yourself some time to recover before putting your brows to the test. Recovery times for microblading and ombre brows hover around 7 – 10 days depending on a variety of minor factors. In order to understand the two aforementioned services, let's briefly outline them for you.


Our eyebrow microblading in Vancouver is an ideal service for anyone who yearns for a sharp but natural brow look that will last. Microblading involves the insertion of pigmentation via tiny needles. This process leads to the creation of legitimate hair strokes that look feel good and look better. Microblading can last anywhere from one to three years, depending on your lifestyle.


Our ombre brows are an ideal service for individuals who want a natural look with the addition of light makeup. Thousands of dots of pigment will be deposited onto your brow to give you that full look you've always wanted. The result will mimic a soft yet powdery makeup look that retains a natural appearance.


If you are interested in getting semi permanent brows in Vancouver, contact our team today! All appointments can be made online or over the phone with the important booking details listed on our website.

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