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Tattoo Removal

Where Can I Go For Effective Tattoo Removal in Vancouver?

When you get a tattoo, your first thought isn't going to be, "How can I get rid of this in the future?" Still, there may come a time when you want to get rid of your tattoos in a safe and effective way. At A Beauty Minimalist in Vancouver, BC, you can pursue tattoo removal services that are affordable, effective, and performed in an all-natural way. Sound good? Let's learn more about this service!

When you go to A Beauty Minimalist for your tattoo removal, you will be signing up for a process that costs roughly 50% less than laser tattoo removal services. A Beauty Minimalist uses a special skin lightening solution to lighten the tattoo at its source, pigmentation in your skin. The solution will slowly lift the pigment from your skin via osmosis, leading to a small scab that finishes the removal of the pigment.

Tattoo removal services may require additional treatments. Call ahead to discuss your tattoo removal needs in further detail!

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