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Permanent Brows

"Achieving fuller brows has never been this easy"

Why Permanent Brows?

We all know how important our eyebrows are. After all, we wouldn't spend so much time taking care of them if it didn't matter.


Our eyebrows are the most important feature on our face as they not only enhances your beauty, they direct people toward our eyes, the windows to our soul.


Brows are also known to enhance your communication by conveying your facial expression! 


Semi permanent cosmetic was originally created to produce artificial eyebrows for people who have lost them due to medical condition, old age, scarring, and genetic disturbance.

Now, permanent cosmetic is accessible to everyone and expanded to various services to resemble other makeup such as eyelining, lip liner, lip blush and skin camouflage for everyday people who are looking for an alternative to stay with natural makeup look without the use of everyday cosmetic allergens or hectic morning routine

Not only is it realistic, it is also convenient due to its waterproof, lasting, and smudge-free effect, allowing women to better focus on their skin care regime, gaining much love throughout the years.

About Us


A Beauty Minimalist is a humble beauty clinic located in the heart of Vancouver, B.C. operated by Cannie.

Cannie is a four times certified permanent cosmetic specialist in both Asia and Canada. She was a travelling permanent cosmetic specialist in Malaysia and China before settling down in Canada.


Cannie provides microblading, micropigmentation for brows, eyeliners, and lips.


In year 2019, Cannie settled down in Vancouver and started A Beauty Minimalist.

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