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Take Time Out for Beauty

Permanent Brows

Microblading/ Ombre / Powdered/ Hybrid Brows

Brows are the most crucial part to anyone's face! Your eyebrows not only enhances your beauty, it enhances your communication by framing your facial expression. Brows are known to set the tone on your face and are key conveyors of mood!


When creating brows for our clients,we sketch the best brow shape to suit their eyes and face. With multiple permanent eyebrow makeup solutions to choose from, there’s sure to be something that fits your specific style and tastes.

Well shaped brows balance the rest of the face, bringing your best features into focus and downplaying flaws. Changing your brow shape can change the way people perceive you, giving you a more alluring, smart or confident look. If you use a pencil to define your eyebrows, permanent makeup would certainly rid you of that burden. Keep your eyebrows on during swimming, aerobics classes, and while you sleep.

Vancouver ombre brows, vancouver permanent brows


Best for: Anyone who wants a natural brow look that lasts, as if they are born with it.

Microblading is the process of inserting pigment using tiny needles to create hair strokes that looks legit. It gives a very natural look and better simulates hair. Microblading can last anywhere from 12 months to three years, depending on your lifestyle.

Healing process takes anywhere from 7-10 days.

Results: Natural looking, hair-like strokes 

Initial Services for : 

Microblading $419

Powdered Ombre: $459

Hybrid Brows: $519

Ombre / Powdered Brows

Best for: Anyone who wants the natural makeup look

Ombre / Powdered Brows are all the same, just called differently depending on location/countries. This process involves the deposit of thousands of tiny dots of pigment, as opposed to strokes of pigment in the microblading process. This brows service is perfect for people who wants the additional fill in their brows provided by brow pencils or eye shadow that gives off the dusting effects. 

Healing process takes anywhere from 7-10 days.

Result: Soft Powder Makeup look that's still natural looking

This procedure typically last longer than Microblading.

Hybrid / Combo Brows

Best for: Anyone who wants a more defined, bolder and lasting brows

Hybrid/Combo Brows is a procedure of two services combined (Microblading + Ombre Brows). It offers the best of both 'powdered' and 'hair strokes' effects combined together to achieve a beautifully natural yet defined brow. The inner brow is feathered with hair strokes while the tails are powdered to achieve the perfect definition. Since Microblading alone will never give you the “makeup look”, implementing shading with the strikes, you can say goodbye to that eyebrow pencil!

Healing process takes anywhere from 7-10 days.

Results: The most natural possible look of real hair strokes + pencil effects

This procedure typically last longer than Microblading.

Permanent Liner


Permanent Eyelash Enhancement Liner

Eyelash enhancement liner creates bolder lash line making your lashes look fuller and darker.


Permanent Top Liner / Bottom Liner

Eyes are the windows to the soul! Eyeliner frames your eyes, makes your lashes look fuller and makes your eyes pop. An eyeliner procedure defines the lash line and enhances your eye shape. It can dramatically change tired, sleepy eye look into a revitalized and refreshing look. Thickness may vary according to client's request. Permanent eyeliner can be used to completely change the shape of the eye, by enhancing the pigment around the eye, we can create a much more defined and youthful look. Whether you’d like to make your eye appear wider or smaller, permanent eyeliner can give your eye the perfect definition to match your style. The days of worrying about smudged or asymmetrical eyeliner are over.

Healing process takes about 7-10 days

Semi Permanent Eyeliners

Initial Services for : 

Eyelash Enhancement Liner: $299

Bottom Liner: $199

Top & Bottom Liner: $369

Permanent Lip Blush

Permanent Lip Blush / Lip Liner

Everyone knows that with age and the constant application of lipstick, the color of your once very pink lips will fade. People who lose natural lip colour through aging process benefit dramatically from this procedure. Lip Blush gives your lips 30% more volume that will last, unlike fillers.


It is extremely important that you let your technician know if you’ve ever had a cold sore outbreak on your lips. If this does happen to be the case, our technicians will ask you to take medication prescribed by a doctor before the procedure. If you have had any recent lip modifications, we urge you to consult with a physician before you schedule an appointment and provide a physician note as well.

Healing process takes about 7-12 days

Permanent Lips Vancouver

Initial Services for : 

Permanent Lip Blush: $399

Skin Camouflage

This procedure is perfect in minimizing the appearance of anyone's scars/ birthmark/ burns/ vitiligo. You may also request for beauty marks or freckles in this procedure.

Image by Mehrdad Haghighi

Tattoo Removal

This procedure is not to be confused with common laser tattoo removal.

This procedure is an all-natural removal method, typically costs 30-50% less than laser tattoo removal, requires fewer sessions, and is less painful. Procedure uses a special solution to lighten the pigmentation. The solution lifts the existing pigment molecules from the skin by the process of osmosis. A scab will form, which further lifts the previously placed pigment.


*May require several treatments to remove the pigments depending on the saturation and size of your tattoo.

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