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Just a brow away from the best version of you.

Microblading Brows in Vancouver

Thin, sparse brows? No worries.

Get natural looking brows with microblading.



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What, Who & Why: Microblading

Semi permanent makeup is a commitment.

Before you get your brows done, you want to make sure you understand how microblading works and if this technique is suitable for your feature, skin type and desired look.

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A pair of brows transformed them.

From tired eyes to alluring eyes.

The Microblading Technique

Microblading uses manual tool to create small incisions in the skin, and deposit pigment to produce hair-like strokes. It creates a beautiful, natural-looking brows suitable for sparse brows.

Is microblading suited for you?

  • Anyone who wants a natural brow look that lasts, as if they are born with it.

  • Clients with sparse of thin brows

  • Normal to dry skin type. Our artist will assess your skin and recommend accordingly.

Healing Process

7 - 10 days. You can read our after care tips at the FAQ.

Longevity of Microbladed Brows

1 - 3 years, touch up needed 12-18 months for long term maintenance.

Skill Level Required by the Artist

Medium - The artist requires precise hand-eye coordination and understanding of brow anatomy to create natural looking strokes.

Your Step-By-Step Journey with Us

Your journey starts when you reach out to us.

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Get Consultation by Artist


  • Book a face-to-face consultation, or

  • Message us for a FREE online consultation


Get Your Unique Design

The artist will assess your:

  • Face bone structure & features

  • Skin type & tone

We will recommend the technique and design suited to bring the best out of your natural beauty. 


Book Procedure & Be Prepared

After the consultation, book your procedure appointment with us and be prepared for your day of transformation.

Our Microblading Brow Artist

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#BrowsByCannie, Founder of Beauty Minimalist

My goal is to help people feel confident by enhancing their natural beauty instead of changing their entirety.

Sometimes it takes another to see the beauty in you.

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30-min Face-to-face Consultation

or message us on IG/ FB for FREE Online Consultation




Book Your Procedure with Us

Once you are happy with your design, book a session with us fast as our schedule are filling up.


Get Your Touch-Up Schedule

Your artist will give you your touch up timing. Remember to book in advance to maintain your brows

Testimonials & Reviews

We love to see our customers smile once they see the outcome of their permanent makeup.

We would want to see you smile too! #BrowsByCannie